Crypto payment and transfer api


I have been trying to test the crypto payout and transfer api because I want to use it on my platform.
It is a codeigniter php platform

I have tried the cURL and Http_request2 methods but they give a “Bad Request” response.

I copied the codes as it is on the documentation and I don’t know why it’s like that.

I’ll attach a screenshot of the response

Hi Sam, can you share the exact piece of code you copied and how you are using it in your codebase? Please. From the screenshot you shared, it seems some parameters are missing from your request. Let’s figure this out :zap:

Thanks Koha

I’ve been able to fix it
I think the issue is with the body so I used addpostparameters instead and it worked

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Awesome! Glad that fixed the problem, Sam. Please, feel free to reach out anytime. If I may ask, what do you intend to do with lazerpay? Receive donations? :sparkles:

I have multi-vendor online store for digital products. So, I want to add crypto as a payment method.

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Ohh, that’s cool sam. That’s one platform I won’t mind using :wink:… thanks for building with lazerpay

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