How do I enable fiat currencies in my Lazerpay woocommerce plugin?

I installed Lazerpay woocommerce plugin and connected the Test API keys.

I can only see USDT.

How do I activate for someone to checkout with a fiat currency?

The checkout only shows the USDT option cos you’re on testnet. Please switch to mainnet to see all available options.

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Still doesn’t show any fiat currency.

Oh, by fiat currencies, do you mean something like USD? You can’t. Your customers can only pay you in stablecoins, which is the option that Lazerpay currently supports.

Is this not coming from your plugin page?

A fiat currency amount is converted to it’s cryptocurrency equivalent on the checkout. What that means is, if you choose to accept NGN, then your customers would see NGN on the checkout. ex 5,050.00 NGN displayed on your screenshot. If a said customer goes ahead to select USD Coin, then the amount will be converted from NGN to USDC.