Making test payment

Hi here,

With payment channels like paystack and FTW, i can quickly simulate a successful and a failed transaction on the frontend and get response on the webhook.

Do we have something similar for Lazerpay?
I have been having issues with connecting metatask/testnet combo.

Sorry for the experience, @cribstocks.

Do we have something similar for Lazerpay?

Yes. On your dashboard, you can provide a webhook url for both the mainet and testnet.

See the screenshot. Once you provide a URL, then you can send dummy transactions with Postman or cUrl and get the response on your webhook. The docs have more information on this.

I have been having issues with connecting metatask/testnet combo.

Could you share with me what part of the process you need help with? I wrote an article on implementing lazerpay checkout, could be helpful.


So with paystack i can perform a dummy transaction without even inputing a card. In the case of flutterwave we have test cards for various sceneriois( failure, success, otp etc).

But it seems lazerpay i need to create a metatask and another wallet befow i can make test if my implementation works.
Coming from engineers who are not crypto natives, it might seem a bit too tedious. Lazerpay is supposed to make it easier for normal engineers to implement payment via crypto right?

Hey there, you’re right that Lazerpay does require a little bit more setup for testing compared to some other payment platforms. However, we’re definitely making improvements to make it as user-friendly — and in your case, developer-friendly as possible for engineers who aren’t necessarily into the crypto thing yet.

Plus, once you’ve got everything set up, the actual process of making payments through Lazerpay is super smooth and easy. Thanks for the feedback, @cribstocks and don’t hesitate to reach out for assistance whenever you need it!