[SOLVED] Payment button not functioning on website

Hey builders!

I would like to know what to do when I paste an HTML code of a newly created payment button on my wordpress website and it’s not functioning?

I am not a pro developer but I can build simple websites on WordPress.

Looking forward to interesting comments :slightly_smiling_face:


Did you paste in the javascript code too? You would need to paste in both blocks of code for it to work.


Hello, Sahabia.

From my understanding, on the Payment Buttons creation page, you get tow block of texts for HTML and JavaScript.

Add both blocks of code to integrate the feature on your WordPress site. Thanks!


Thanks @BigJ

This really helped me. I was using only the HTML code and didn’t know I am suppose to paste both.

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Alternatively, you can also install and use the Lazerpay Wordpress plugin on your Wordpress site @Sahabia.

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Thanks man. Im going to try that soon.